Augmented Reality (AR) Statistics You Should Know

Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate.

Around 75% of the world’s population and nearly all smartphone users will be undergoing AR experience frequently by 2025.

Source: Snap Consumer AR Global Report

active mobile Augmented Reality users in 2021

810 M

Source: Statista

Mobile Augmented Reality Market Size in 2021

$9.5 B

Source: Statista

Number of mobile augmented reality (AR) active users worldwide from 2019 to 2024

Source: Snap Consumer AR Global Report

By 2028, AR will hit the revenue mark of

$340 B

Source: Statista

By 2024, mobile AR users are expected to grow to

1.7 Billion

Source: Statista

of people look forward to using AR Technology more this year while shopping.

Source: Snap Consumer AR Global Report

Those who use AR with their family and friends are 50% more likely pay attention to the brand.

Source: Snap Consumer AR Global Report

of the people want to use AR as a practical tool in everyday use which shows their belief in the technology and prospects AR can offer

Source: Snap Consumer AR Global Report

Employees in AR/VR courses can be trained up to four times faster

Source: PwC

"The quality of a company’s customer service can make (or break) the bank."

Expectations are defined as “the strong belief that something will happen, or be the case in the future.” So why is it important to understand what consumers expect?

Because it’s those expectations that influence a consumer’s decisions; which in turn, influence their loyalty; which then influences a company’s long-term revenue.

Source: ThinkWithGoogle

In 2023, the AR market is projected to cross

$18 Billion

Source: Statista

$9.5 Billion

Mobile Augmented Reality Market Size 2021

Source: Statista

The biggest obstacles to mass adoption of AR technology

User experience (e.g., technological limitations)
Content offerings (e.g., lack of content)
Consumer & business reluctance to embrace AR
Finance & investment
Regulation & legal risks