Metaverse Statistics you should know in 2022

Metaverse Statistics

The name metaverse is a portmanteau of the word “Meta”, which means ‘Beyond’, and the word “Universe”, thus it means “beyond the universe”

$13 Trillion Metaverse Market

  • The metaverse market is forecasted to reach between $8 Trillion to $13 Trillion mark by 2030 (Source)

5 Billion Metaverse Users

  • It is estimated that by 2030 the users on Metaverse could grow to 5 billion unique internet users.

775 Million AR Users

  • Given the less-invasive user experience of Augmented Reality, we expect AR to acquire 700 million to 775 million user by 2030.

The Total Addressable Market (TAM) of VR/AR users is expected to be around 1 billion users by 2030.

1 Billion AR/VR Users

  • In 2030, we expect the total amount of VR/AR users to be 900 million to one billion.

$800 Billion

  • By 2024, Metaverse market size may rise up to $800 Billion, up from $47 billion in 2020, due to the push by the pandemic (Source)

$300 Billion AR/VR Market

  • Similarly,️ the global AR, VR, and MR market will make it up to $300 Billion by 2024 (Source)

A Trillion-dollar Market

  • The Metaverse will offer an opportunity for around a trillion-dollar revenue generation a year by impacting every industrial sector in one way or the other (Source)

AR/VR Spending to reach $72.8 billion

  • The worldwide spending on VR/AR, the fundamental technologies of the metaverse, is expected to reach $72.8 billion by 2024, up from $12 billion in 2020 (Source)
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Why are people interested in joining the Metaverse?

  • As depicted in the graph above, 52% users worldwide want to or have joined the Metaverse for work related possibilities.
  • 48% user stated they'd join the Metaverse for Art & Live Entertainment.
  • High return prospects in the future of Cryptocurrency and NFT lured 44% of the users to the Metaverse
  • 32% were attracted by the immersive learning methods of the metaverse
  • Immersive gaming experience captured the imagination of 29% of the users
  • 18% of the users tempted by the adult content

Reasons for joining the Metaverse according to internet users worldwide in 2021

Web 3.0 joins the million dollar club

  • By June '21, the value spent on sales of Web 3.0 Metaverse items such as virtual land, goods, and services crossed the $200 million mark (Source)

Most Preferred NFT Blockchains by Brands

  • Ethereum holds the lion's share with 37% of brands preferring it for their NFT Blockchain projects.
  • Polygon, on the other hand, follows with a 16% share in the market as the most preferred NFT blockchain.
  • At the third place, stands WAX, a carbon-neutral blockchain with a 9% share.
  • Next most preferred blockchains in the line are - Tezos, Flow, and Palm, with each having a 7% share in terms of market preference
  • One of the most promising blockchains and the fastest growing one, Solana has racked up a 5% market preference share. The same preference percentage has been garnered by Immutable X.
  • The bottom three places have been occupied by Algorand, Eluvio, and Avalanche. Wherein, Algorand commands 3% share in the pie and the other two with 2% each.


Here is the break down of which Blockchain brands prefer for their NFT project  

  • Ethereum - 37%
  • Polygon - 16%
  • WAX - 9%
  • Tezos - 7%
  • Flow - 7%
  • Palm - 7%
  • Solana - 5%
  • Immutable X - 5%
  • Algorand - 3%
  • Eluvio - 2%
  • Avalanche - 2% (Source)

$21 Billion European AR/VR Market

  • The European AR/VR market is estimated to reach $20.9 billion in 2025 from $2.8 billion in 2021 (Source)

48% want Metaverse for Art & NFTs

  • 48% would join the metaverse for the art and live entertainment while another 44% would participate for Bitcoin and NFTs, found in a poll of 1000 respondents (Source)

$4 Billion Training Industry 

  • Major investment for the commercial use cases in 2024 for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) is expected to be for training and industrial maintenance, estimated at $4.1 billion (Source)

37% want to use Metaverse for Creativity & Imagination

  • 37% respondents of a survery said that they would like to be on Metaverse for creativity and imagination enhancement (Source)

$250 Billion AR/VR Market

  • The global market for AR, VR, and MR stood at $28 billion in 2021 and will reach $250 billion by 2028. (Source)

90% of users supported censorship

  • A poll conducted around full or restricted content censorship on Metaverse platforms resulted in 90% users agreeing on full or restricted censorship on suicide, animal abuse, hate speech, and harassment related topics.

Roblox Statistics - The Metaverse Platform

220 Million Monthly Active Users

  • Roblox has 220 million MAU(Monthly Active Users) as of April 2021. (Source)

50 Million Daily Active Users

  • The Roblox community has grown from 32.6 million daily active users to 50 million DAU(daily active users) in 2022 on platform.

First Roblox game to 1 Billion player visits was Meep City

  • Meep City was the first game on Roblox to cross the 1 billion mark in terms of player visits. The total visits to the game crossing well over 13.4 Billion.

17 to 24 year olds is the fastest growing demographic

  • Users in the age bracket between 17 to 24 years is reported to be the fastest growth audience on the Roblox platform.

26,953 user-created Metaverse experiences reached 100,000+ visits

  • 26,953 user generated Roblox Metaverse experiences reached more than 100,000 visits from players.
  • Another 107,737 experiences reached more than 10,000 or more visits.

$568 Million Revenue in 2021

  • In Q4 of 2021, Roblox Corporation earned a total revenue of over 568 million U.S. dollars. (Source)

60 Billion Messages Exchanged

  • Around 60 billion messages are exchanged daily on Roblox. (Source)

10 billion hours in playing time

  • In the first quarter of 2021️, Roblox crossed over 10 billion hours in playing time.

5.8 billion virtual items were acquired on Roblox

  • 5.8 billion virtual items were acquired.

  • More than 165 billion+ avatar updates were performed. And one in five daily active users updated their avatar on any given day.

9.5 Million Engaged developers

  • A total of around 9.5 million developers are working on the Roblox platform.

5.7 million Concurrent Users

  • During the all-time high usage, Roblox had 5.7 million concurrent users.