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With metaverse, businesses have a unique opportunity to create new and innovative ways to deliver superior services powered by exceptional experiences.

We laid the building blocks for Metaverse Infrastructure years ago

At Queppelin, we have a futuristic outlook, and we predicted the shift towards virtual networking and content creation. We started preparing for this future by developing products, services, and talent ahead of time. 

Here is how we are helping businesses to create immersive spaces that let users interact with each other in Metaverse

Roblox Development

Roblox is a metaverse platform that enables businesses to imagine, create, and have fun with followers as they explore millions of immersive 3D experiences.

We, at Queppelin, produce our own immersive multiplayer experiences/games for business to reach potential customers 

At Queppelin, we help businesses find the answer to “What can I do with my Sandbox land?”

Let multiple visitors discover, connect with you/your business in metaverse in real time. To join in or participate in your community. Cutomize assets, transform landscapes and establish interactions. 

Decentraland Development

Build, Trade & Promote virtual real estate in the form of Non-fungible Tokens or NFTs on Decentraland.

We help bring together users from across the globe in a shared virtual space to build a community around your product/services.

Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS)

$13 Trillion

The metaverse market is forecasted to reach between $8 Trillion to $13 Trillion mark by 2030

$250 Billion

The global market for AR, VR, stood at $28 billion in 2021 and will reach $250 billion by 2028.

5 Billion Users

It is estimated that by 2030 the users on Metaverse could grow to 5 billion unique internet users.

Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) provided by Queppelin assists organizations aiming for a strong presence in this newfound realm of opportunities. We determine the right metaverse platform like Roblox, Sandbox, Decentraland, etc, or our own Custom Platform, as per your business goals.

Over it, we develop an attractive and interactive digital infrastructure to attract footfall, catch eyeballs, maximize reach, and contribute to the brand building.

Our Metaverse-as-a-Service(MaaS) facilitates new business and social collaborations, enhances your business process, opens avenues for investment, and taps limitless possibilities. All these combined help your business grow and take it to the heights.

virtual reality glasses

GatherInVR - A Metaverse platform for meetings, events & expos

GatherInVR is a ready-to-use virtual conferencing and events platform developed by Queppelin. You can use it to build your metaverse environment to conduct seminars & meetings.

vossle webar platform

Vossle - A SaaS platform to create Web Augmented Reality Experiences

We created Vossle for businesses to develop Web-based Augmented Reality Experiences, AR Games, and Marketing campaigns accessible across platforms. A cloud-based SaaS platform that does not require any coding knowledge to create AR Experiences

nft marketplace creation using blockchain

NFT Marketplace Development

artificial development services

Blockchain Development

enterprise metaverse

Enterprise Metaverse Services for Businesses

Business organizations are vying for their share of the metaverse pie. Each business wants to make it big and make the best out of it. 

It is here when our Enterprise Metaverse enters the scene. These immersive virtual spaces in the metaverse help businesses promote their digital goods and services to a much wider audience than it was ever possible. 

On top of it, these metaverses open a whole gamut of digital opportunities; more brand engagement, enlarging social connections & interactions, market leadership prospects, well-trained & skilled employees, and much more. 

Queppelin takes a systematic and elaborative approach that makes your entry into the metaverse well-planned, smooth and impactful. It involves three steps – Comprehend, Commence and Capitalize.


What is Metaverse?

In our words, Metaverse is a 3D digital virtual world where you(the user) gets to live a virtual life. Wherein you have your own 3D Avatar which represents you while you interact with other people who have their own 3D avatars. One can buy, sell, entertain themselves, the possibilities being limitless. 

Here in this video below, we discuss briefly about Metaverse.

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Creating the Metaverse

nft token icon
Metaverse Smart Token (MST)

We build Digital Assets or MSTs on the Metaverse virtual platform are trust-free, traceable and decentralized smart properties that can be freely registered, transferred, issued, deposited, used as collateral or burnt.

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(Digital Identity)

Self-sovereign identity ledgers on the Metaverse blockchain technology. Ability to securely manage personal data and credentials, which can be anonymously shared to third parties. Decentralized and independent digital identities in Web 3.0 initiative.

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Metaverse Identifiable Token (MIT)

MIT are a set of token standards that involve the transfer, ownership, and information about a non-fungible item like artwork or baseball cards. They allow anyone to register assets from off-chain and are globally unique with an identifiable ID.

The Benefits

There is a lot of potential within the Metaverse for businesses. The perfect application of this concept would let users experience almost any activity, and so it can potentially be used for just about anything.

metaverse for events conferences
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Virtual Offices

Virtual offices allow users to engage in a 3D space that mimics a real office environment. The idea is to allow workers to work from anywhere through a Virtual network

metaverse for events and conferences
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Business Applications

We cannot forget that brick-and-mortar businesses can play their part in the Metaverse. Virtual environments that mimic their actual stores and offices offer one application. Another way they can use the Metaverse is to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. 3-D virtual shopping is an upgrade from what the Internet and online shopping venues offer today. 

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Real Estate Applications

If you have ever engaged in a virtual tour of a home, imagine the Metaverse version of 3D immersive, realistic virtual home tours. It would open up the world to people looking to live in other countries and a new market for real estate agents and brokers across the globe.

metaverse for education
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Virtual Training & Education

VR training & education offers an affordable way to upskill faster and with better results.

We build Metaverse for businesses using these next-gen technologies

unreal engine
Unreal Engine
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Vossle WebAR
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8th Wall
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credits blockchain
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3ds max
3DS Max

Our Work

We’ve been providing new immersive solutions to businesses for year now. We help businesses connect with their users and explore the metaverse.

The ever-growing list of Industries we serve

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Oil & Gas
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Real Estate
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110 million people are expected to use Metaverse services by 2023.

Although replacing the real-life event won’t be a thing in the near future but events in the metaverse surely hold a great prospect. Hence it is undoubtedly a ‘yes’. 

The reason, the Metaverse can unfold enormous opportunities when it comes to hosting an event.  Boundless reach and immersive engagement are the two main edges that only the metaverse brandishes.

The metaverse is a virtual world where a person can live a life in their virtual avatar. The thing that makes it different from other VR platforms is it is persistent i.e. it keeps on running even if the person is present there or has logged out.

The metaverse merges digital and physical reality and diminishes the divide between online and real-life interactions.

Metaverse has the ability to take human interaction to another level with the help of futuristic technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning,  Virtual & augmented reality etc.

Thus, Metaverse is a new world with a different texture of reality that allows users to do everything from buying land to getting married in their virtual avatars.

A metaverse event platform or metaverse event platform is a software tool that enables the conduct of a digital event. 

It brings the feel of a live event by utilizing smart technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Additionally, the components of audio, visual, and interaction are included for higher audience engagement.